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Slow down and Simplify

Calm Parenting teaches parents about the world of children's play. Carol's insight into unlocking that world are invaluable.
-Joan M.

Increase Connection

Calm parenting is so much more than a "playgroup"…it is a model for growing connected and respectful relationships with our children.
-Lori R.

Conscious Observation

Carol's playgroup is the perfect place to come and spend time with your little one and to meet other moms & babies. It is truly sacred time that I feel has positively influenced how I parent.
- Stacey B.


I feel like Wednesday afternoons in your attic breathe patience and gratitude into my parenting lungs. Thanks for being a safe place to land.
-Renae Q.

A Practical Approach

Slow down and simplify

Increase your connection with your child

Understand behaviour through conscious observation

Learn to take the lead as a confident parent

Create space for babies self-initiated movement

Parent Infant & Parent Toddler Playgroups

At Calm Parenting playgroups parents learn to slow down, to connect with their babies in simple and satisfying ways while making friends with other parents.

With the understanding that babies and toddlers learn through imitation and exploration, we do not attempt to "teach" our babies anything in the playgroup setting. Instead we provide a quiet and simple environment for them to explore. We bring our interest, our attention, our welcoming presence, and we watch the miracle of development unfold.

When it comes to developmental milestones, we don't worry about when they are accomplished; rather we think about how babies authentically accomplish developmental tasks in their own timing and their own unique way. We do not wish them to be any different from how they are.

The baby's brain develops through self-initiated movement, right from the beginning of life. In the playgroups, we spend time observing the elegance of the baby's exploration and the quality of their movement patterns as they unfold naturally.

Calm Parenting holds several playgroups a week, for babies of various developmental stages; babies pre-rolling, babies who are rolling, scooting, and crawling, walking babies, and older toddlers.

For more information and to register, please email


Individual Parenting Consultation

When I meet with parents in a consultation regarding their child, here is some of what one may expect:

First of all, when we meet to consult about parenting issues you are facing, I will be working with you in my role as an early childhood educator. My training and experience are in the educational realm.

As we get to know each other, my approach will include the following:

  1. Listening to you describe your child and your parenting challenges
  2. Reflecting with you on your current strategies for meeting these challenges
  3. Observing and addressing patterns in your child's behaviour and your responses
  4. Mentoring and coaching you in finding new ways to respond

As an educator, I will help you learn to consciously observe your child and begin to actively research the times in your home life when you are experiencing problems.

After you and I have become more aware of the components involved, we can work together toward resolving difficulties. I will help you to see the troublesome situations from your child's point of view, to determine what needs are not being met, and to increase the connection you have with your child. In the process, you will find more effective ways to respond to your child.

I look forward to working with you toward a happy resolution of your current challenges!

To enquire further contact . Fee for 90 minute consultation is $90.

About Carol

Carol Nasr

Calm Parenting

My roots are in California where I grew up and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. I immigrated to Canada as a young woman, and soon found myself drawn to Nova Scotia where I have ancestral Acadian ties.

Many years ago, before transitioning to teaching, I owned and operated The Bean Sprout and Khyber Cafe, a natural food store and restaurant in downtown Halifax. Moving gradually from the healing power of nutrition to the healing power of education, I became interested in Waldorf education.

Since 1988 I have been a Waldorf early childhood educator, completing my teacher training at the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto and working for ten years at the Toronto Waldorf School. During those years in Toronto, my special area of interest was in pioneering and leading a nursery program for three and four year olds.

I have always loved collaborating with parents of young children, and over the years I gradually transitioned into parent/child work. Several years ago while living in  Southern California, I became inspired by the work of Magda Gerber and her mentor Dr. Emmi Pikler. Training in the RIE™ and the Pikler approach of working with infants and toddlers, I blended this approach with my Waldorf roots. I integrated this combined approach into varied settings over the years, including the Children's  Hospital Los Angeles where I worked as a lay chaplain, and in an inner city setting in Orange County where I established a parent/child program for homeless families.

In 2008 I returned to Halifax and founded Calm Parenting, a program of weekly playgroups for parents of infants and toddlers. My inspiration continues to come from the combination of Waldorf pedagogy and the RIE/Pikler approach. Our focus in Calm Parenting is on slowing down together to observe and appreciate the miracles of development through the stages of infancy and toddlerhood. The parents learn to have confidence in their intuition, to practice thoughtful observation of the babies,  and to encourage each other in the awesome task of parenting.

In addition to the Calm Parenting playgroups, I offer parenting consultations to individual families, and parenting workshops in the local community.  My deepest inspiration for my work comes to me from my children and my grandchildren.

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